Cockatoo - a contacts editor for Firefox OS

This tool allows you to manage your Firefox OS contacts.

Contacts can be retrieved from an existing backup file produced by Contacts2XML, including base64 photos.

No external httpd server is needed: the editor is a full standalone HTML5 web page.


User manual

  1. Save the file cockatoo.html to your desktop then open it with Firefox.
  2. Drag'n drop your XML backup from Contacts2XML to the page header. If you don't already have a backup file, you can use this test file.
  3. Manage your contacts.
  4. Click on the page footer to save the new XML file, then copy it in the path $SDCARD/contacts2xml of your FFOS phone, but PLEASE only after renaming your original source file (if any) !
  5. Use XML2Contacts to restore your backup to the phone.


Mozilla Contacts API is not yet finished, and depending of your Firefox OS version, not all the API fields are supported.

Cockatoo only uses base64 photos, not external links. This means that photos are saved inside the XML file using text encoding. This way can produce huge files, depending on the size and the amount of photos linked to your contacts !

Please report any bug to

Version notes

  • 0.5
    • Read/write photos inside the XML file using data-uri and base64 formats. According to Firefox OS API, many photos per contacts are allowed, but only one is currently shown on the device in version 1.1 and 1.3. I had no choice but to change the filenames for external photos from "XXX.jpg" to "XXX.1.jpg" to reflect this major change. So if you want to restore an old backup made with Contact2XML<v.0.5, you should rename your photos first. Just make a backup with Contact2XML>=v.0.5 to be quiet.
    • Multiple photos are well recorded in the device (GP Peak), and still present in the backups. Recommended size is currently 320x320 for contacts, but you can use larger photos. Just remember that a fox is a thiny and lovely animal, so please don't feed him too much...
  • 0.3
    • Add sorted fields on the left side.
    • Fix empty types.
  • 0.2
    • Fix category/org fields (Firefox 1.1)
    • Alert when trying to add/edit a new record before recording the current one.
    • New helpers in the formular.
    • Alphabetical sort of all helpers.
  • 0.1
    • Initial public release.