StatsCarsStatsCars - Manage your cars with Firefox OS

  • StatsCars is a simple car manager which uses your fills/repairs/insurances informations to provide basic costs and statistics, for one or many cars. You can use it with a Firefox OS device, or with any complying HTML5 browser.
  • I wrote this webapp for the fun and to have real statistics of my car. The current release provides french and english translations, but if you want to improve the soft, you can complete the lang.js file and send it to me : i would publish it with the new releases.
  • As you can see in the screenshots, StatsCars allow you to select your local currency, distance unit, volume unit, date format or comma (for real numbers).
  • StasCars stores its datas (including photos) using XML format. Every time you add/update/delete a record, StatsCars write the full database (including photos) to a new XML file using the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.xml. See later for details.
  • Specially thanks to Rogowsky_A for the basic icon design.

User manuals

For Firefox OS devices

  • The current version allows you to take many photos of your cars, but only uses the first one as a preview.
  • Datas (including photos) are stored on the SD card, in the directory sdcard:statscars/.
  • The more you use the program, the more files are created on the SD card, and the slowly the startup of the webapp is. In a future release, i will surely add a field to limit the number of backups, but for the moment, you have to clean the old files yourself. In fact, this is not very annoying because fortunately we don't get to the gas station every day...
  • Because StatsCars is an offline tool, you have to backup your XML files outside of the phone manually. Take a look on the AutoBackupSD page for examples.
  • One last important thing to remember: YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS UNPLUG THE USB WIRE WHEN USING STATSCARS. If you don't, events won't be recorded to the SD card and you could loose some datas !

For PCs

  • Datas are stored using localSession feature of HTML5 standard, which means you have to use a recent browser.
  • To make a backup, just push the download button and save the XML file to your disk.
  • To restore a backup, just drag&drop your XML file from a file browser to the upload button.
  • To reset your database, search for the parameter of your browser which controls localSession storage, erase the keys "statscars" and "statscars_bak", then restart StatsCars.

Download project sources

Application page in the Firefox OS Marketplace

  • Marketplace page

Version notes

  • 0.5
    • CSS improvements.
    • Increasing the precision of price_per_litre to 3 decimals.
  • 0.4
    • Error messages and CSS improvements.
    • Rename the XML key price_per_litre (v.0.3) to price_per_vol (v.0.4).
  • 0.3
    • Initial public release.